Marine West Coast


There are many mosses and trees in the marine westcoast as well as well as flowers. The trees vary in the woods. It is a temperate evergreen forrests  which means it is home to many species of pine and oak trees. There are also many flowers in the evergreen forrests like wildflowers or even roses. The grounds are also fairly moist making it a good enviorment for many mosses to grow. Were there are forests there are grasses too. The grasses can be eaten for energy by an abundance of animals in this region.


There is a wide variety of animals the live in the marine west coast. The fox live in the Evergreen forrest like many other animals. Another is a deer, which feeds off many of the grasses and shrubs that grow in the forrests. Squirrels Live in the trees and eat the acorns off of the trees to survive in the evergreen forrest. An uncommon animal that lives here is the lynx. The lynx is a very unique animal in the Untied States and very popular in many other countries. They live in forrest conditions were they can find food such as rats, moles and small game like animals.